News & Known Issues

News (Updated 12-06-16)

Something in the OLC system is causing crashes, so all buliding/editing is on hold until further notice.

News (Updated 12-04-16)

We're making great progress on stabilizing the MUD. Several ancient crash bugs have been located & removed. All help, info, and history files are now current and accurate. Vall is currently working on buffer overruns and assorted crash bugs, Jeff is debugging malfunctioning quests and working on wizhelp files.

Known Issues as of 12-06-16:

  • Building is crashing the MUD, so building/editing is on hold until fixed.
  • Occasional crashes still happening.
  • Some minor text information sets are filled with garbage characters. Vall re-wrote the MUD's buffering system, so we're still locating all the instances and fixing them when we find them.
  • There are four classes that do not (yet) have remort quests.

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